• Middle East

    MERF's work in the Middle East is its primary region of ministry. The Middle East is a region that spans southwestern Asia, southeastern Europe, and northeastern Africa. It has no clear boundaries, often used as a synonym to Near East, in opposition to Far East. The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, and throughout its history the Middle East has been a major centre of world affairs. In modern times the Middle East remains a strategically, economically, politically, culturally and religiously sensitive region. Explore the various countries in which MERF is reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and deed.

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  • Africa

    MERF's ministry in Africa centers around the East African nations of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, and Somalia. We also operate a center in Lokichoggio, Kenya that trains pastors and evangelists to preach the Word and shepherd God's people in Africa. In Ethiopia, MERF works with Ethiopia Reformed Fellowship in publishing Reformed books and periodicals in Amharic, Oromo, and Somali, training pastors, and broadcasting Christian radio programming. For more information on these ministries, click the links below.

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  • Asia

    MERF ministers in South Asia and the Far East among nations that have been influenced by Islam. Presently we serve in the nations of Pakistan and Indonesia. In Pakistan, we work with the Bible Believing Lahore Church Council to train pastors, broadcast the Gospel on radio and TV, and provide education for over 2,000 children of poor Pakistani Christians. In Indonesia, our daughter organization, Yayasan Pelayanan Reformed Indonesia (Indonesia Reformed Fellowship), broadcasts the Gospel in Sulawesi and Java, training pastors and providing diaconal aid to the Christian community in Indonesia.

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