Eritrea, officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. The east and northeast of the country have an extensive coastline on the Red Sea, directly across from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish Islands are part of Eritrea. Its size is just under 118,000 km2 (45,560 sq mi) with an estimated population of 5 million. The capital is Asmara.

In Eritrea, MERF works with local pastors to minister and preach the Gospel. However, the work of the Kingdom of God is persecuted in Eritrea, due to it being the only remaining communist country in Africa. Many pastors and Christians are in prison for the sake of the Gospel. One of MERF's main Eritrean contact persons now lives in Ethiopia. He teaches God's Word to Eritrean refugees in his home and is in regular contact with an elder in Asmara. He reports, "Work among Eritreans continues apace and prospers in the Lord."


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