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God’s Name In Arabic

Some have objected to the use of "Allah" by Arab Christians as a name for the God of the Bible. They reason, "But isn’t Allah a god of hate and slaughter, one whose Koran is all law, and devoid of grace?" Some also ask, "Is Islam’s Issa the same person as Jesus Christ?"

How can we faithfully bring the gospel to our Muslim friends and neighbors? They don’t understand the meaning of Christian words and actions, yet Muslim terms mean different things.

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Conversing with Three Arab Imams

Three Islamic imams sat down next to me in the middle row of four seats across on a long nine-hour flight to Indonesia. They were well dressed in the typical Arabian Peninsula white garb. Their groomed beards indicated that they were moderate, not radical Muslims. From other conversations, they knew I was fluent in both Arabic and English, but initially they assumed that I was a Muslim.

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History of MERF

The Church in the Middle East

The Evangelical churches in the Middle East were largely established by Reformed missionaries. However, in recent decades they have been influenced by different unbiblical trends, superficiality and dead spirituality. Moreover, those of the Reformed persuasion in the region lack active fellowship and cooperation with like-minded Christians elsewhere. They need encouragement from Reformed churches and believers worldwide. MERF was formed to link together the gifts of the national believers with the vision and support of the Bible-believing Reformed communities worldwide.

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Progress of the Gospel in Egypt

Gospel Beginnings

In Isaiah 19 we read the prophecy that worship of the true God would be established in Egypt and that the Egyptians would come to know deliverance through the promised Saviour (verses 19-21). In Acts 2 we notice that Egyptians were present to hear the Apostle Peter preach the Gospel on the Day of Pentecost and were among the many who were converted that day when the New Testament Church was established. According to tradition, the Evangelist Mark, possibly along with those converts who returned to Egypt, spent much time preaching, teaching and church-planting in Egypt. In God's providence, Egypt was ripe for the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy and the Christian faith spread very rapidly throughout the land of the Nile River.

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Reformed Churches in Iraq

[Note: This article was written before the war]

Until recently most Christians were not aware of the presence of Christian churches in Iraq. It is possible that few Western Christians are conscious of the presence of Reformed churches there. Yet, biblical Christianity in Iraq goes back to the second half of the first century AD.

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Godly Interaction with Muslims

By a Middle Eastern Christian

At one stage or another we each face unsettling events. It might be a problem in the family or at church or at work. It might be some sickness or the loss of a loved one. It might be business failure or the loss of a job. Still, it might be a major national event such as what happened in the US on September 11, 2001. Sooner or later we are confronted by things that disturb and shake the depths of our being.

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Learn more about the work of MERF and its ministries through a variety of articles. These deal both with current work and the history of missions in the Middle East.


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